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Logistics Planning - Name of School



Proposal A:

Bunker Primary

Bunker Intermediate

Proposal B:

Bunker Elem., Smith Campus

Bunker Elem., Birch Campus

Proposal C:

Bunker Elem., Lower Campus

Bunker Elem., Upper Campus


  • Shorter

  • Prefer this of the options

  • Clear

  • Creates continuity

  • Like Primary/Intermediate

  • Shorter is better

  • Easier for a student to remember

  • Identifies upper/lower grades

  • Creates new identity and mentality for parents and community

  • Of all proposals- this one is preferred, gets our vote



  • Intermediate sounds more like middle school

  • Does it sit well with Milani parents?

  • Why do all the choices have the Bunker name?


  • Open to change

  • More professional

  • Campus more identifiable

  • States location



  • Kind of silly name

  • Too long

  • Confusing

  • Doesn’t mention grades

  • Could be confusing if students know their street

  • Initials concerning: BS

  • Birch Street intersects both sites

  • Bunker name will get lost and schools will be referred to as Smith and Birch


  • Geographically true

  • Want one that has Bunker in the name



  • Kind of silly name

  • Too long

  • Internationally schools have an upper and lower

  • Lower may have a negative connotation

  • Confusing

  • “I’m a Lower Bunker” doesn’t sound appealing

  • Does it have any class association?

Alternate Proposals


Alternate Proposal:

Keep Names the Same

Alternate Proposals:



  • Keeps positive identification with each site

  • Why does the name need to change?

  • Houses being sold with “Bunker” status

  • Hard to give up history and connection with name

  • No confusion over which school children are attending

  • Cost-effective- no need to change anything

  • No problems if we ever go back to how things are now



  • But it won’t feel like the schools merged

  • May not achieve the goal of the change we want for our community

  • Doesn’t promote unity

Bunker- Early Childhood Campus, Bunker-Middle Childhood Campus or Bunker Milani Middle

  • Research-based, child development based

  • Allow for structures to be age-based

  • Too long

  • Could be confusing as NJHS may add 6th grade to middle school format

  • Creates questions for parents


Start with a Fresh Name

  • Using a name of a Newark pioneer could be more unifying

  • Parents identify with the current names

  • Perhaps an all new name would be better received

  • Bunkilani

  • If not the same, new for both


Milani Primary, Milani Intermediate

  • Attractive to current Milani families

  • May not be attractive to Bunker families


Signs at Campus

  • On Smith: Bunker/Milani

  • On Birch: Milani/Bunker


Bunker Primary, Milani Intermediate


Newark Joint Campus Bunker, Newark Joint Campus Milani


Bunker/Milani Primary, Bunker/Milani Secondary

  • Choose new shared mascot

  • Have the same school colors


Bunker/Milani Campus 1, Bunker/Milani Campus 2

  • Similar to a marriage when you use a hyphenated name


Newark Primary, Newark Intermediate

  • This will be more unifying, will not foster polarization

Considerations for Above Proposals


  • Why does the name have to change?

  • Mascot?

  • Ask students what they think- this would make it easier for them to say/remember

  • Naming the schools is the least of the considerations

  • “I don’t care what the name is.”

  • Loss of history (schools were named after people)

  • Cost to change names

  • Prefer not to use one or the other in the new name (no Bunker, no Milani)

  • Don’t want to use existing names, come up with completely new names

  • Name not important, education is

  • Eliminates history of people who went there

  • These are historical names, Bunker and Milani can research and select other historical names