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School Plans and Accountability Report Cards (SPSA/SARC)

 Notice to parents:  Electronic versions of the SARC for each school is available by selecting the links below; in addition, each school will provide a paper copy of their site SARC for you to view upon request.

Schools School Plans School Accountability Report Cards

Birch Grove Primary

(Bunker Elementary School)


SPSA Birch Grove Prim 2016 17.pdf

2016 SARC Birch Grove Primary.pdf

2015 Bunker SARC

2014 Bunker SARC

2016 SARC Spanish Birch Grove Primary.pdf

2015 Bunker SARC - Español

2014 Bunker SARC - Spanish 

Graham Elementary School


SPSA Graham 2016 17.pdf

2016 SARC Graham.pdf

2015 Graham SARC

2014 Graham SARC

2016 SARC Spanish Graham.pdf

2015 Graham SARC - Español

2014 Graham SARC - Spanish

Kennedy Elementary School

SPSA Kennedy 2016 17.pdf

2016 SARC Kennedy.pdf

2015 Kennedy SARC

2014 Kennedy SARC

2016 SARC Spanish Kennedy.pdf

2015 Kennedy SARC - Español

2014 Kennedy SARC - Spanish

Lincoln Elementary School


SPSA Lincoln 2016 17.pdf

2016 SARC Lincoln.pdf

2015 Lincoln SARC

2014 Lincoln SARC

2016 SARC Spanish Lincoln.pdf

2015 Lincoln SARC - Español

2014 Lincoln SARC - Spanish

Birch Grove Intermediate

(Milani Elementary School)


SPSA Birch Grove Inter 2016 17.pdf

2016 SARC Birch Grove Intermediate.pdf

2015 Milani SARC

2014 Milani SARC

2016 SARC Spanish Birch Grove Intermediate.pdf

2015 Milani SARC - Español

2014 Milani SARC - Spanish 

Musick Elementary School


SPSA Musick 2016 17

2016 SARC Musick.pdf

2015 Musick SARC

2014 Musick SARC

2016 SARC Spanish Musick.pdf

2015 Musick SARC - Español

2014 Musick SARC - Spanish

Schilling Elementary School


SPSA Schilling 2016 17.pdf

2016 SARC Schilling.pdf

2015 Schilling SARC

2014 Schilling SARC

2016 SARC Spanish Schilling.pdf

2015 Schilling SARC - Español

2014 Schilling SARC - Spanish 

Snow Elementary School


SPSA Snow 2016 17.pdf

2016 SARC Snow.pdf

2015 Snow SARC

2014 Snow SARC

2016 SARC Spanish Snow.pdf

2015 Snow SARC - Español

2014 Snow SARC - Spanish

Newark Junior High School


SPSA NJH 2016 17.pdf

2016 SARC Newark Junior High.pdf



2016 SARC Spanish Newark Junior High.pdf

2015 NJHS SARC - Español

NJHS SARC - Spanish

Newark Memorial High School


SPSA NMHS 2016 17.pdf

2016 SARC Newark Memorial High.pdf



2016 SARC Spanish Newark Memorial High School.pdf

2015 NMHS SARC - Español

NMHS SARC - Spanish

Bridgepoint High SPSA Bridgepoint 11 2016.pdf

2016 SARC Bridgepoint.pdf

2015 Bridgepoint SARC


2016 SARC Spanish Bridgepoint.pdf

2015 Bridgepoint SARC - Español

Bridgepoint HS SARC - Spanish 

Crossroads/Ind. Home Study SPSA Crossroads 11 2016.pdf

2016 SARC Crossroads.pdf

2015 Crossroads SARC

2014 Crossraods SARC


2016 SARC Spanish Crossroads High School.pdf

2015 Crossroads SARC - Español

Crossroads SARC - Spanish

Whiteford Pre-school